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GTA 5 NISSAN GTR DRIFT MONTAGE Port of Los Santos Gymkhana

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GTA 5 – Nissan GTR Skyline R34 Nismo Drift Montage Gymkhana Port of Los Santos

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– NaturalVision
– Nissan Skyline R34
– Flatbed Tow
– Map
– Scene
– Simple

– Script Hook
– Script Hook V .
– NativeUI
– License
– Stig
– Backfire
– Free

Countless hours spent creating the map, creating the nismo custom livery, creating the best handling tune, and mastering the course for perfection. The hardest part was making the shooting cinematic. Drifting precisely with enough angle to break open the window and take the perfect shot in one second while holding the drift was really hard to do. Thankfully I used my xbox one elite controller while creating the video. I used 1500+ objects to create the map which has more shipping containers, ships, cranes, etc. The car handling was made so most of the course can be done in second and third gear, increased steering lock angle, suspension adjusted, mass adjusted, braking force adjusted, and other little adjustments. The NaturalVision Remastered mod also makes the game look amazing! Hope everyone enjoys the video!

Huge thanks for all the support and love!


Both songs provided by Monstercat

– Pure Sunlight by Laura Brehm & Mr FijiWiji & AgNO3
– Video

– Memory (Mr FijiWiji Remix) [feat. Holly Drummond] by Direct from Memory (Mr FijiWiji Remix)
– Video


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